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Shout Out To Fruit and Strength

One guy that’s really been inspiring me lately is Mike Vlasaty.  He has been following the 80/10/10 diet for over 4 years and training weights seriously about that long as well.  He is 137lbs and can put me and most … Continue reading

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Ridin’ Bikes and Eatin’ Fruit

During my vacation in Key West I had the pleasure of doing Lloyd’s Tropical Bike Tour.  Lloyd takes you through the main streets and back roads of Key West and shows you things you won’t find on any other tour. … Continue reading

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Serious Pineapple

I was in Key West last week and was fortunate enough to find legit, tree-ripened pineapple.  Most pineapple found in stores in the United States was picked while it was still very green.  Some of this pineapple is so green, … Continue reading

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Half Marathon Training Week 4

Hi Everyone, been a while since I’ve made a post.  Welcome to all of my new blog readers!  No doubt you found me from this post on No Meat Athlete: 30-day Trial of 80/10/10 / Fruitarianism If you haven’t seen … Continue reading

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Eating Healthy While Traveling

A video I made about eating healthy (actually raw vegan) while on the road at a footbag tournament.  The key trick is BRING YOUR OWN.  By hauling my own bananas, dates and mangoes I was able to eat fruits and … Continue reading

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How I maintain peak performance during a long sporting event

Last weekend I flew out to Las Vegas… not to gamble, not to go to strip clubs, not to drink.  I went out there to play footbag at the 3rd annual Las Vegas footbag jam. In the past I’ve had … Continue reading

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