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Run Like the Wind 3-hour Race

A couple weeks ago I ran a 3-hour race with some of my friends.  This was the first distance I had done over a half marathon.  It was a trail run on a 1-km loop through the woods in the … Continue reading

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Half Marathon in the can!

Half Marathon! Hi everybody!  Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted but between work getting crazy and training hard for this race the blog kinda took a back seat.  Well, after 3 months of training the race was this … Continue reading

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Something to shoot for: Tough Mudder

The most challenging and fun event I’ve done so far this year, without a doubt, has been the Tough Mudder.  This 10-mile, 20+ mud-laden obstacle course is not even called a race, it’s a CHALLENGE. You’ve got to have the … Continue reading

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The Biggest Vegan Fitness Advantage: RECOVERY

The biggest fitness advantage I’ve found from a whole-food plant-based diet, in my experience, is RECOVERY.  From discussions I’ve had with other vegans who live a very active lifestyle, they agree that the improvement to recovery is huge.  If you … Continue reading

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How I maintain peak performance during a long sporting event

Last weekend I flew out to Las Vegas… not to gamble, not to go to strip clubs, not to drink.  I went out there to play footbag at the 3rd annual Las Vegas footbag jam. In the past I’ve had … Continue reading

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