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Update From Big Bald Mike

Hung out with my buddy Big Bald Mike today.  Here’s a little update on how he’s doing with his fitness and weightloss: Advertisements

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Big Bald Mike Interview

Here is an interview I did with Big Bald Mike several months ago and never uploaded until now. In here he talks about his 20-year history with strength training, his downfall with drugs and alcohol in 2008 and his comeback … Continue reading

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Woodstock Fruit Festival Bench Press

Last month I attended the Woodstock Fruit Festival in upstate New York. It was an amazing time. I got to eat unlimited delicious fruits and vegetables each day, see some very informative talks, meet hundreds of amazing people and spend … Continue reading

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This Week’s Grocery Haul

Here’s a look at what I brought home from the grocery store this past weekend. Just wanted to show you what a typical (or actually really good in this case) grocery haul looks like for me.  So if you’re looking … Continue reading

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Thumbs Up To The Vegan Black Metal Chef

Have you seen this guy yet?  The Vegan Black Metal Chef.  As someone who drinks A LOT of vegan smoothies and enjoys heavy metal (although black metal not so much) I thought this video was fantastic. I don’t really recommend … Continue reading

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The 4 Year Old Who Quit Turkey Cold Turkey

To all my friends and readers in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving, I want to tell you a story.  When I was 4 years old my parents took me to a turkey farm for thanksgiving.  Boy, was I … Continue reading

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How to do Raw Vegan in corporate America

A lot of people think certain diets can’t easily be done in the corporate world.  At various times over the years I’ve had tons of people tell me that it would be too hard to eat healthy/vegetarian/vegan/raw/etc. at their workplace. … Continue reading

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