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Just a dude who loves fruits, vegetables and exercise.

Xmas Eve Workout at Bonebreaker Barbell

Had a fun work out on Christmas Eve day down at Bonebreaker Barbell.  We caught a bunch of it on video, here it is for your enjoyment: part 1: part 2: part 3: part 4: Advertisements

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Run Like the Wind 3-hour Race

A couple weeks ago I ran a 3-hour race with some of my friends.  This was the first distance I had done over a half marathon.  It was a trail run on a 1-km loop through the woods in the … Continue reading

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Update From Big Bald Mike

Hung out with my buddy Big Bald Mike today.  Here’s a little update on how he’s doing with his fitness and weightloss:

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Farmer’s Market Workout

Hit up the farmer’s market today for some tomatoes, green onions, basil, red peppers and kombucha.  My friend Janna and I decided on a whim to climb a nearby tree.  While I was up there I noticed some of the … Continue reading

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Been Too Long

Been too long since I’ve done a post here.  Currently training for a 3-hour timed race (will be about 3/4 marathon for me).  Ran 14.5 miles last weekend which is the most I’ve ever done.  Lately I’ve been doing mostly … Continue reading

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Animal Sanctuary Speech – Big Bald Mike

My friend Big Bald Mike gave a speech at an Animal Sanctuary event this past weekend and I was there to get it on film.  This is his story of going from drug addict to vegan athlete and animal rights … Continue reading

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Calisthenics Progress Sept 2012

Here’s a new video I made of some clips from a couple recent sessions: Compare to 10 months ago and you’ll see I’ve made some decent progress:

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