Shout Out To Fruit and Strength

One guy that’s really been inspiring me lately is Mike Vlasaty.  He has been following the 80/10/10 diet for over 4 years and training weights seriously about that long as well.  He is 137lbs and can put me and most people to shame on any strength exercise.  What will blow people’s minds is that the guy only eats fruits and vegetables.  Check out these impressive feats of strength and do Mike a favor by subscribing to his YouTube channel

100 one-handed pushups:

240lbs benchpress for reps:

350lb deadlifts:

What Mike eats in a typical day (I eat a lot more than this):


About Iron Clad Ben

Just a dude who loves fruits, vegetables and exercise.
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2 Responses to Shout Out To Fruit and Strength

  1. gregsiesz says:

    Hey Ben I’ve been following you for a while and have always been intrigued buy your diet and training. I am taking the plunge and have started Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset and at the end of these 21 days I will be eating completely vegan. So far my weight loss has been amazing and I am really surprized how satisfied I have been eating this way. I am not eating 100% vegan yet but I will be next week. I am very excited to see how my training improves after this program. Thanks for this blog, I find it very inspiring


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