Blood Test Results: 1 Year Vegan

This is a full blood panel t I took in February, after about 1 year being vegan and 7 years vegetarian.

All things are good except I was low in Urea (a waste product), Cholesterol (good as far as I’m concerned) and a Vitamin B12.  I was also on the low end of the normal range for Vitamin D.  I will be taking a B12 and D3 (vegan) supplement going forward.

I was feeling a little sarcastic when I was making this video so please bear with me through those parts :o)


About Iron Clad Ben

Just a dude who loves fruits, vegetables and exercise.
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5 Responses to Blood Test Results: 1 Year Vegan

  1. dashortnails says:

    Dude, you are higher than Sharapova!! Doesn’t it wear you out during the pushups?

  2. Oh! No the screams help actually. That is a good point to bring up. Screaming forces your body to take deeper breaths, which in turn provide more oxygen to the system. I highly recommend screaming/grunting/whatever to let it all out during intense exercise. There is a physiological reason we feel compelled to do so, don’t deny your body the oxygen!

  3. Wow, that’s great……My D was low several times, but seems to have gotten in normal range with the new vegan D3 from mushrooms (pills). Fun to see/read about your fruit experiences. I was probably skeptical awhile back, but my digestion is leading me closer to this path. However, I think my protein intake with zero raw protein powders, is a bit too low just on the fruits & greens…………I don’t know yet though….but keep flirting with the lifestyle. It certainly “seems” obvious when you look at pictures of fruit and greens vs ANY other foods!!

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