Second Half-Marathon

A couple weeks ago I ran my 2nd half marathon.  This was the Livestrong Half-Marathon in Austin, TX.  Even though I got a flat tire on my bike on the way to the race, I still had a great time.  I beat my first time by 8 minutes!

I’ll be running my 3rd half marathon tomorrow in San Marcos, TX.


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Just a dude who loves fruits, vegetables and exercise.
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3 Responses to Second Half-Marathon

  1. Chris says:

    (& that bike flat tire makes it a better story)

  2. I enjoyed the video. I have always wondered what it would be like to bike to a race. Especially in a big city where parking and hotels are so expensive. I am guessing you were on a cheap bike just in case it got stolen?

    Good job. I peaked out on my Half Marathon time last year and am about 15 minutes slower this year due to injury and weight gain caused by weak moments where I reverted to the SAD diet.

    • Well I only have one bike, and it’s not in the best shape honestly. But I wouldn’t expect it to be stolen during the day (sun came up about 20 mins later). At night would have been a different story. Sorry to hear about things slipping backwards for you. It does not mean you’re “weak”, it just means you’re not there yet on your journey. It’s easier for some people than it is for others. Keep working at it, be willing to make mistakes and eventually you’ll get there. Persistence, but with a willingness to have lots of small failures and move on is very important. Take care.

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