Muscle Recovery: Pills or Produce?

So a few weeks ago a friend on Twitter @emptyowe asked Tim Ferriss if he still takes creatine monohydrate, because he wanted to improve muscle recovery.  I made a different suggestion:

I don’t want to seem like I am slamming on Tim Ferriss too much.  I like a lot of Tim’s stuff, I’ve read his 1st book and I read his blog occasionally.  He definitely is a very smart guy.  Even though I’ve been studying health and nutrition for a shorter time, I have a completely different model, and respectively disagree with his approach.

Personally in my experience I found my athletic recovery got 500% better when I switched to a diet that was predominantly fruits and vegetables.  This basic organic banana-spinach smoothie recipe costs about $4-5 to make and is delicious.  Not sure how much creatine powder and pills cost but this smoothie is inexpensive, helps with recovery, also nourishes you for a meal and has no negative side-effects.

What makes more sense?  Taking pills or powders from a lab?  Or eating the food humans and primates have eaten for over a million years?  It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s delicious.  Improving your diet for better athletic performance is not as difficult as some people make it out to be.  Try the fruits and vegetables approach and see what happens to your muscle recovery.  You’ve got nothing to lose and a ton of things to gain.
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One Response to Muscle Recovery: Pills or Produce?

  1. Kick ass, man! This is emptyowe – the nick is just my initials MTO, phonetically 😉
    VERY cool video. Thanks for the share, and I’m definitely more in your boat than Tim’s in regards to this sort of stuff (though I do like reading his stuff and I’m all for self-experimentation, which he is famous for).
    I’ve actually experimented with green smoothies a bit last year. I wasn’t running at the time, and wasn’t necessarily focusing on those benefits they may provide, but I did definitely enjoy it. It’s nice to see the video like this as a reminder of just how fast it is to put together a meal. Even better when looking at it from the stance of a recovery/repair mechanism.
    I’ve been eating strictly vegan (with the exception of one or two meals vegetarian) for the past 2.5 weeks. I’ve actually been using the meal prep/delivery service in Austin called Veggytopia and can HIGHLY recommend them if you ever want to be lazy about meal prep. Usually I am ovo-lacto vegetarian (have been for 18 years now – yeesh! Long time!). I’ve done stints with veganism (though never as long as I have on this round), and last year I even did a 10 day raw vegan trial. I love doing trials/challenges like that.
    I can’t say when I am done with this vegan trial that I’ll necessarily stick with vegan 100% of the time. (I’m doing 30 days vegan gluten-free – halfway through). But I know that I will incorporate it much more into my diet. I go through phases where I just have zero interest in preparing/cooking meals. This is one of them. My focus is moving much much more towards whole unprocessed foods though.
    Another trial I plan on doing this year is adding fermented foods to my diet on a daily basis for 30 days. Reading up on that, there are some tremendous health benefits to be had from adding fermented foods.
    Thanks for the inspiration, I will try a trial of adding a green smoothie recovery drink to my runs for the next month or so and see how that goes.
    How’s your running going? Mine’s been progressing nicely after I came back after a holiday break. But I am having issues with my achilles and a bit of posterior tibial tendonitis. I did some physical therapy last year for it and I know it’s due to some muscle imbalances that I need to work on, so it’s back to doing those exercises between runs to get those ankles strong.
    Thanks for the vid. Very cool and I appreciate it

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