Serious Pineapple

I was in Key West last week and was fortunate enough to find legit, tree-ripened pineapple.  Most pineapple found in stores in the United States was picked while it was still very green.  Some of this pineapple is so green, it will go bad before it fully ripens.  In this unripe state the pineapple is much more acidic, and not nearly as sweet.  Ripe pineapple on the other hand is not as acidic (and still alkaline-forming in the body) and much sweeter.  The acidity really comes into play when you eat a whole pineapple or two in one sitting.  Eventually you get “pineapple tongue” where your tongue burns and aches, which can last all day.  With tree-ripened pineapple, this does not happen.

How can you tell if a pineapple is ripe?

  1.  It is gold or brown all around, NO green.
  2. The leaves come off easily when pulled on.
  3. The pineapple SMELL is strong, you can smell it from across a room

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2 Responses to Serious Pineapple

  1. Debbie says:

    I have seen many pineapple growing but am yet to find one growing on a tree. Could you perhaps post a photo of such a phenomenon. I believe they are the flower of a bromiliad plant which grows very close to the ground. No trees in sight actually. But you are spot on with how to get a ripe one.

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