Trying out Kombucha

As I have been delving deeper into the world of health, I am learning a lot of new things.  It can be tough to keep your wits about you.  Disinformation and misinformation are everywhere.  It’s very annoying.  One source you read says one thing, another source totally contradicts it.  I can understand why most people start learning about nutrition, get overwhelmed and eventually throw their hands up in the air and go back to eating doritos. For every one source of honest health knowledge there are 3-4 hucksters who are trying to sell you the newest supplement, pill or fad.  Western medicine tries to crap on everything that isn’t a pharmaceutical drug.  For me, trying things on my own has been the only true way to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

One thing that recently came on to my radar was a drink called Kombucha.  It’s an ancient tea that has been around for about 2,000 years.  I think this funny video was actually the spark that made me want to investigate it more:

While claims on its benefits are pretty widespread, the mainstream medical community can’t help but bash it (see article by fat-faced, likely unhealthy Mayo Clinic MD here).  While I’m not looking for sharper eyesight (I have better than 20/20 naturally) the probiotics and bacteria intrigued me.  Many people (who aren’t vegan) drink raw milk for the cultured bacteria.  These bacterial cultures in raw milk, kombucha and other cultured foods can aid in digestion.  Of course, I was a little worried about the taste of drinking millions of bacteria.  Here is a video of my first try:

I’ve drank about 4 of these over the past week or two and have seen a definite improvement in my digestion.  Foods like wheat and soy that used to really upset my digestion have become easier to eat.  I know that these foods are not healthy (despite what the mainstream health information will tell you) so I want to eliminate these foods as much as possible.  But even when I was eating 100% raw for 30 days, I still had digestive issues from time to time.  I’m not saying this is any sort of miracle cure, but as long as I am experiencing better digestion and elimination, I will continue to drink kombucha occasionally.
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3 Responses to Trying out Kombucha

  1. “I thought it was gonna be gross, but it’s kinda good.” That was classic Ben. Loved it. ha ha. Also really loved hearing you speak about the benefits you’ve seen from drinking it. If you or your readers want to learn more, come visit me at Kombucha Kamp. Great free info for the Kombucha newbie, we blog twice a week, and if you decide to save some money you can learn how to make your own and get the supplies you need, which is super easy and fun! 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks for the Kombucha review – I’m going to try it out! Glad you mentioned the Ginger Berry flavor, too. I live close to Whole Foods, so I can pick up some up tomorrow. 🙂

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