Recovery Smoothie

Yesterday I had a really good day out.  Biked 5 miles each way to footbag, and had a solid 80 minute session with my friends.  I got back, was hungry and put together a smoothie:

  1. 8 oz. water
  2. 8 bananas
  3. 2 mangos
  4. 1 scoop SunWarrior raw vegan fermented rice protein powder (optional)

Total calories: ~1,250, about 640z / 2L.  After a long workout, the body has depleted its glycogen stores, and it’s time to replenish them.  Otherwise, the body will begin to cannibalize the muscles to get energy to keep vital organs running.  The 30 minute window after a workout is KEY to get the nutrients in.  Plus the bananas and mangos are RICH in vitamins and minerals.  Since minerals are depleted during sweating, it’s important to get those back and stay hydrated.  On top of all of that, it tastes DELICIOUS.


Vegan Gym Rat is a blog about health, fitness, and pushing your limits on a plant based diet. You can get in touch with me via email ironcladben at mailbolt dot com or on twitter @IronCladBen


About Iron Clad Ben

Just a dude who loves fruits, vegetables and exercise.
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