4 Weeks Off The Sauce: Quitting Caffeine With Hypnosis

I have a confession to make: I used to be addicted to soda and energy drinks… up until 4 weeks ago.   I will say, I’ve always hated coffee.  My addiction to caffeine was in the form of soda and energy drinks.  Terrible, right?  I know.  It all started with Surge and Mountain Dew back in the late 90s when I was in high school.  It got me through college as study fuel.  Then it was my “breakfast of champions” in the early days of my career.  In the mid 2000s along came energy drinks life Monster and Rockstar.  I was hooked.  Vault was my favorite for a long time too.  It was packed full of harmful chemicals, terrible for me, and deep down, I knew that.

I loved the stuff, but I knew it was awful for me.  I even had a friend who drank 3 Monsters a day (far more than I ever did) go to the hospital for a kidney stone at age 19.  That was a sign, but I still couldn’t stop.  I wanted to quit, but I couldn’t.  Loving it made it hard to quit.  I tried to quit dozens of times.  I tried quitting cold turkey.  I tried weaning myself off.  I tried drinking things like seltzer or water with lemon.  I tried using NLP submodalities (I had great results curing phobias).  I even tried self-hypnosis from a book I bought (helped great with getting myself to exercise more though) .  None of it ever worked.  The cravings would just eventually get too intense and I never seemed to be able to maintain the willpower to quit.

Finally, this year I had had enough.  It was controlling my life.  I felt like I needed to get up in the morning, and often times as “fuel” for a workout.  If I didn’t have it, the withdrawals would be terrible.  It was ruling my life and I was sick of it having so much power over me.  I knew I needed help, I simply couldn’t do it by myself.  My past attempts were a pretty clear indicator that I couldn’t quit on my own.  I had to swallow my pride and ask for help.  I had heard about hypnosis’ power to get people to quit smoking all sorts of other behavior cessation.  I have to admit, even knowing a fair bit about hypnosis I was scared.  I had done self-hypnosis before but this was different.  Plus, I was terrified of being judged about my addiction to energy drinks, after all those things are terrible for ya, right?  Why was an otherwise-healthy guy drinking these?

Well, last month I finally went through with it.  After googling around and checking out different websites, I found a hypnotherapist that I liked.  She turned out to be fantastic.  My hypnotherapist really took the time to listen to my story, and we got down to the core reasons of why my subconscious felt like I needed caffeine.  She put together a custom hypnosis session just for me.  The whole thing took about 30 minutes and was very relaxing.  She made an mp3 of the session that I listened to daily after that.  From that 1st session on, I haven’t had any caffeine since.  We did do a 2nd follow up session a week later to really hammer things home.  Whether that was fully necessary, I guess I’ll never know, but it was good to get “an insurance run” as they say in baseball.

Now I haven’t had any for 4 weeks.  I get cravings here and there, but they are really small and easy for my brain to ignore.  I know this time, I won’t be going back.  I know it’s in my past now.  These past few weeks I feel like I’ve been paying back a decade worth of sleep debt.  In the beginning I was tired all the time, but that is slowly going away as my body heals and my adrenal glands replenish themselves.  Most of all, I am happy because I am doing things under my own power.  I am in control of my life now more than I ever have been.  It is wonderful.


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5 Responses to 4 Weeks Off The Sauce: Quitting Caffeine With Hypnosis

  1. Army Amy says:

    Congrats on quitting! I’ve heard good things about hypno-therapy before, but I’ve never tried it. I’m a habitual nail-bitter. I wonder if it would work for something like that.*

    • ironcladben says:

      Thanks! I can say from my personal experience that it definitely works. I’ve met a few other people who say it works, and I’ve yet to meet anyone who says that it didn’t work for them. Granted that is a very small sample size, but it does have a 100% success rate. So my advice would be that if you really want to be someone who no longer bites their nails, give it a shot!

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  3. Debbie says:

    Congratulations on getting off the energy drinks. I have just ordered a book from Amazon. It is all about the hidden MSG in all processed foods. I am sure it would be in energy drinks. MSG excites and then kills off brain cells. It is the reason that kids are addicted to food. It takes away the fullness feeling. There is a great video from the same author of the Book.

    If you are interested the book is “Excitotoxins, the taste that kills” and there is a video floating around if you google the name of the book. The video goes for 1 hour. You won’t want to eat processed foods again … they are slowly killing us.

    • ironcladben says:

      Debbie, thanks I’m aware of MSG and avoid it at all costs. One thing a lot of vegetarians/vegans don’t know is that Bragg’s Liquid Aminos which is supposed to be a “healthy” alternative to soy sauce also has MSG in it as well.

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