Something to shoot for: Tough Mudder

The most challenging and fun event I’ve done so far this year, without a doubt, has been the Tough Mudder.  This 10-mile, 20+ mud-laden obstacle course is not even called a race, it’s a CHALLENGE.

You’ve got to have the ENDURANCE to last the full 10 miles
You’ve got to have the STRENGTH to handle the climbing and other obstacles
You’ve got to have the TOUGHNESS both physically and mentally to last the whole course

This event made me train harder for anything I have ever trained for in my life.  I was running more, lifting harder and eating cleaner than I had ever done before.  I am usually not a competitive person, so Tough Mudder‘s philosophy that it was a “challenge, not a race” really resonated with me.  It gave me something to shoot for, and propelled me to a level of fitness I may never have tried to reach.

Thankfully, the hard work paid off.  When event day finally came, I was excited, but not nervous.  Here is my short event recap:

The event started with some KILLER hills.  I felt like I was burning through all my glycogen in just the first few miles.  I began to worry how I would last through the full course.  I was frustrated that I had trained so hard, but never trained for hills.  That all ended on the first water obstacle, which was a giant pit, filled with water and ice.  Instead of phasing me, the cold shock of the ice re-invigorated me and I caught my 2nd wind.

As time wore on, something magical happened.  I began to catch my 3rd wind, and then my 4th wind…  The farther I got along, the more the excitement and endorphins overpowered my fatigue and I actually began to feel more energized the farther I got along the course.

By the 10th mile, I was totally euphoric.  Climb a few sets of ropes and do another 50m swim?  Sure.  Run through a bunch of live electrical wires that were knocking people to the ground?  Awesome, looks like tons of fun.  I only got zapped once.  By the end, I almost wanted to go do the course again.  Of course, after all the adrenaline wore off, I was glad I was done.

The next Central Texas Tough Mudder will be the weekend  of October 8th and 9th.  I’ll be running the course with Team Jedi Academy.  Come on out if you want a good challenge.



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