I still make n00b mistakes

I’ll be the first to admit that I make a lot of mistakes.  Today I made a pretty big one.  I woke up super-motivated to go workout.  I ate a quick breakfast of 1L of water and 5 bananas.  I grabbed my bike and headed out the door, wanting to capitalize on the motivation I was feeling.

Lately my normal sunday workout has been to bike 7 miles to the trail, lock up my bike, do a 4 mile run and bike back.  Well today I decided to try to stretch the run to 5 miles.  Everything was going great until about 4.5 miles in when I got a nasty abdominal / diaphragm cramp and had no choice but to stop to breathe it out.  I managed the to finish the run anyway.

The ab cramp was probably because I ate too small of a breakfast (5 bananas is only ~500 calories).  Or maybe because I immediately jumped on the bike after eating not allowing any time to digest.  I don’t know, but those are two things I could have done differently.  Am I beating myself up over it?  Certainly not.

The point is, we all still make n00b mistakes. Did I mention I was in such a hurry to get out and move I forgot sunscreen and probably got sunburn on my face?  It’s pretty red right now.  I’m such a n00b.  But here’s the thing:

You gotta make mistakes to learn.  You gotta make mistakes to get better.  If you’re not failing often enough, you’re not pushing your limits and improving.

So get out there, make some n00b mistakes, laugh them off and make some progress.

Vegan Gym Rat is a blog about health, fitness, and pushing your limits on a plant based diet. You can get in touch with me via email ironcladben at mailbolt dot com or on twitter @IronCladBen


About Iron Clad Ben

Just a dude who loves fruits, vegetables and exercise.
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