My Gym Rat Philosophy

My central philosophy behind my blog is this:  In my mind a “gym rat” is someone who loves to practive, loves to progress and get better but is not a competitor.  Looking at urban dictionary that doesn’t seem to be the consensus on the word though.  For me, I love health and wellness.  I love exercise, many forms of it, for their own sake.  I can’t stick to just one form of exercise, I have 4 that I rotate through pretty regularly.  I love challenging myself but I don’t really like competition.  I’ve run in a few races, competed in a few tournaments; those were fun, but they are not what drives me.  It is more just a constant pursuit of improving myself and my personal best.  It’s one of the main reasons I think that professional and college sports don’t appeal to me at all any more.  I’d always rather be a do-er than a spectator.  I don’t really care about being better than anyone else, I just want to keep getting better than my best self.


About Iron Clad Ben

Just a dude who loves fruits, vegetables and exercise.
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4 Responses to My Gym Rat Philosophy

  1. Kaitlin says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this philosophy! I am an avid runner and have enjoyed training for races the past couple of years. But since dealing with a stress fracture, I’ve been forced to put my running goals on hold for a few months. At first this just SUCKED, but being forced to throw myself into different exercises like cycling, swimming, pilates and yoga, I too and finding myself enjoying simply getting better than my best self in other ways I normally would not have tried. Who knows maybe the stress fracture was a blessing in disguise! 🙂

    • ironcladben says:

      Kaitlin, thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear about your stress fracture. I’ve overcome a few injuries in my time and often they lead to other things. 2 years ago I had such a bad knee injury that I could barely do anything active. I took up standup comedy for a while basically on a whim, just doing open mics around town and it was a blast.

      Stick around, more posts coming.

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